How to get Matsudo campus

Chiba University has several campuses. Please note that our campus is located at MATSUDO-SHI – “Shi” is “city” (NOT Chiba or Nishi Chiba City). Unfortunately, there are no straight buses nor train direct to Matsudo City from airports, so please take the connecting train for your convenience. Also, please note that trains are available until around 1 am. The last connecting train from Narita Airport to Matsudo city is 11.06 pm and the last connecting train from Haneda Airport to Matsudo city is 12.07 am (midnight). If you arrive at those airports after those hours, we suggest you stay at the airport and then take the earliest train on the next day around 4:30 am.

By Train from Narita Airport to Matsudo City

The last connecting train to Matsudo city: 11.06 pm



By Train from Haneda Airport to Matsudo city

The last train to Matsudo city: 12:07 am (midnight)


From Matsudo Station to Matsudo Campus

The campus is located about 1.5 km from Matsudo Station.  There is no straight buses or train to our campus. Please take a walk following the route explain. Due to the long route, if you bring big luggage, we strongly recommend you to take a taxi from East Exit (Higashiguchi 東口).

After you exit the JR line gate, you will see this signage. Please take EAST EXIT


Please make sure that you find this plaza and these buildings surround the plaza. Please follow the pink arrow shown in the picture below.


You will see a PLARE Itoyokado building on far. Please walk to the direction to PLARE building.


In front of the PLARE building, please take right. You will see a Starbucks there, please go forward.

At the end of the plaza, please walk down the stair and then straight forward. After that, you will find 3 traffic lights. Please keep walking forward.

After the 3rd traffic light, you will find a settlement area. Please follow the directions on the images below.

After walking through the settlement area, you will find the signage of Chiba University and the gate. Please walk straight forward and you will see our campus.

This is our campus.